Generating Value with Regenerative Design

Our consulting service includes an advisory on sustainability and regenerative design in the built environment. We work with clients and partners to explore and apply these principles.

Integrating sustainability and regenerative design into a real estate project is shifting rapidly from a visionary aspiration to practical necessity. The emerging case studies and best practices show us how regenerative built environments reconnect humans and nature, support human well being, cultivate eco-stewardship, and increase the long-term value of properties.

Sustainability and Regenerative Design

Sustainability in real estate includes executing the strategies and applying techniques to reduce energy use and reduce the carbon emissions of buildings. The focus is on maintaining systems while significantly reducing or minimizing harmful impacts on the environment.

Regenerative design goes further, with a focus on restoring socio-ecological awareness and balance. Practitioners exert a holistic approach that acknowledges the interconnectedness between humans and their environments. Seeking to achieve net-positive impacts and restore natural environments, they solve problems with multidisciplinary teams and toolkits. 

In the context of real estate, regenerative designers help create buildings and communities that nurture the connection between natural and cultural environments.


Biophilic Design



"Biophilic design is the deliberate attempt to translate an understanding of the inherent human affinity to affiliate with natural systems and processes--known as biophilia--into the design of the built environment."
-Stephen Kellert




A biophilic approach to architecture and interior design incorporates natural elements, shapes, patterns, and processes into the built environment. By deepening awareness of the human-nature relationship and focusing on the natural habitat, ecology, climate, and culture, a biophilic design framework invokes an integrated socio-ecological narrative that respects the spirit of the place and promotes the well being of occupants. 

We offer the following biophilic design options:

Information services and recommendations -- presentation of biophilic design principles and elements, innovations, solutions, and case studies -- which can inform and support a regenerative real estate project team.



"Think of biophilic design as the human interface to the project's engineered systems and architectural elements."
-International Living Future Institute


The biophilic design exploration, framework, and plan includes a charrette for stakeholders at project inception. The exploration process is documented, and the resulting biophilic framework and detailed plan can be incorporated into the overall project design.

Biophilic Design EXPLORATION

*Research and discovery
*Charrette(s) with stakeholders
*Documentation of the exploration

Biophilic Design FRAMEWORK and PLAN

*Framework outlining strategies for integrating biophilic design into the project
*Plan/guiding document for the implementation of the biophilic design goals