Real estate consultancy

Deutsche Immobilien und Ferienobjekt Gesellschaft mbH (DIFOG)

    Project Development

  • Markets and opportunities
  • Building types
  • Regulations and policies
  • Construction management
  • Marketing and presales

    Real Estate Transactions

  • Due diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Project financing and structuring
  • Sales
  • Customized support for international clients


    Sustainability and Regenerative Design

  • Biophilic design
  • Information services, workshop facilitation, charrettes, and socio-ecological narratives
  • ILFI - Living Future Accredited (LFA) advocate for regenerative design standards and green building certifications


About DIFOG mbH

German Real Estate and Holiday Homes 


Consultancy in Berlin, Germany

DIFOG specializes in holiday home properties in Germany. We provide counsel on project development, real estate transactions, and regenerative design in built environments. 

We advise clients and work with partners to help create beautiful spaces for rest and recreation. 

Project Development
In the early stage of development, we provide our clients with guidance regarding markets and opportunities. We also lead a biophilic design exploration and create a biophilic framework and plan for the project. We advise on a range of complex matters pertaining to building types, site preparation, and construction in the context of German regulations, regional development plans, and local policies.

Due Diligence
We conduct analyses of real estate properties to help our clients make informed decisions about acquisition or divestment.

We ensure our clients are well informed to optimize deals and transactions.

Financing Structure
We help our clients identify the right financing structure for their project.

International Clients
We have expertise advising international clients in Germany and we provide customized support for their needs.


Regenerative Design in Built Environments

Sustainability and Regenerative Design

Our Living Future Accredited (LFA) consultant can help you explore and apply regenerative strategies for the built environment and support the processes of registering and certifying your green building.

ILFI Green Building Certifications:

Living Building Challenge (LBC)

LBC is a highly advanced and evolving Standard

CORE Green Building Certification

The CORE framework of 10 imperatives operates on its own and also fits right into the LBC

Zero Energy Certification 

Energy performance certification for highly efficient buildings relying only on clean renewable energy

Zero Carbon Certification

Advanced standard for demonstrating decarbonization in the built environment

Regenerative Real Estate